About Us

Özel Ortodontist Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Polikliniği 3/ Özel Ortodontist Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Polikliniği Clinics were founded in 1997 at İstanbul, Ataşehir by Orthodontist Dr. Barış Ünlü. In 2003, Dt. Mert Börü and Dr. Evren Üner (Surgeon) joined the crew. And the crew is still extending with periodontology, paediatric dentistry and endodontics specialists. Our Clinic has also a hi-tech lab with a crew of highly advanced technicians.

Our Clinic is locally well known with the name “Ortodontist”. www.ortodontist.com

Our new Clinic called “Dentalprof” was founded in February 2015 at West Ataşehir, İstanbul and serves our international patients. www.dentalprof.com


A perfect smile brightens where you are. Teeth that are not in shape, can make you uncomfortable. But teeth with good shape and color, you feel comfortable, you appear more friendly, look younger, have a better first impression, look better in photographs. A good smile affect your career, gives confidence and relief. Here in Dentalprof, you can be sure that you have all answers to any questions about a good smile. 
Our team is ready to welcome you.